The Complete Beginners Guide to Getting Started on the EOS Blockchain

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This Guide shows you everything you need that will get started on the EOS blockchain. Creating Keys, wallet, account, and using dApps are all in this guide. The following videos will get you running EOS decentralized Apps.

Watch all EOS Videos from YouTube via Playlist here: Instructional EOS Videos for beginners

First Video

Install a Linux terminal in Windows 10 afterward we will be able to build EOS tools in here. This is important to do as you can’t compile EOS natively in windows. This is why we are going through and installing this terminal in Windows 10 for the EOS Blockchain toolset.

Second Video

You will be installing the EOS tools in the Linux terminal, afterward, we will create the keys and start using EOS Blockchain. This compile process will take a while so prepare yourself for about 40-60 minutes to build these tools that we will use in the next video. We will be following the official developer’s website for EOSIO.

Third Video

Creating your keys, installing them in a wallet, and creating an EOS account. When making your account make sure you pick a memorable name because it will be used everywhere on the EOS Blockchain.

Fourth Video

How to use decentralized apps (dApps) in EOS. You need to stake resources to use these apps. This can be done directly in the dApps, but I do recommend using for security and clarity.

We have now accomplished all our goals, therefore can start using dApps on EOS!

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