Stellar Data Recovery Standard Review

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This is a review of the Standard version of Stellar Data Recovery software. I go over the cost, performance, and result of the recovery.


  • Recovers data from multiple devices
  • Sorts devices by folder
  • Photo, Video, and Documents restored in Standard Edition

The features are good for the standard edition, and I have nothing bad to say about what is included. I have used various other pieces of software and for this price point, I was happy with the feature set.


  • $49 for Stellar Data Recovery Standard

Based on its competitors of Knoll Ontrack Easy Photo Recovery @ $59 and Get Data Recover my photos @ $39, this piece of software is right in the middle. Overall I like the interface and ease of use more than GetData’s offering, but I still like Ontrack a bit more based on its track record and experience in the space. There is free software recovery software out there but I find they just don’t pull in the same results or sort as efficiently as the paid counterparts.


  • 5 Minutes on average for a normal scan of a 6 TB hard drive

Overall this software took a bit longer than some of the free offerings such as Recuva but performed faster than GetData’s recover my photos.


  • Found about 5x more files than Recuva
  • Same results as Knoll and GetData’s photo recovery

Once it found the results the recovery went as planned. Everything recovered was intact and didn’t need to be repaired. Even my several-year-old wedding video deleted from my Skydrive recovered successfully. None of my files were corrupt and needed repairs after being recovered so I can’t confirm how well the professional version does.

Video Overview


Overall, I was very happy with the Stellar Data Recovery standard edition and if you need to recover some photos from an old SD card or hard drive. It is worth grabbing a copy and doing the recovery with them. The only thing I have seen that gives me some pause over the software is some of the online customer reviews from Amazon and PCmag’s review comment section. These customer reviews are a bit harsh and misleading with only a 1 star at the time of this writing. It may not be a full 5 star for the product, but a 1 star it is not. I think a 3-4 star for this product is more in line with its capabilities.

Consequently, it is worth noting that the market leader “Knoll Ontrack” doesn’t even have their software listed on Amazon. I believe there is a good reason for this and it revolves around the fickle nature of doing data recovery in this day and age. It is important to note once you delete something, you probably won’t get 100% of the files back and even the best of the best can only achieve high recovery rates but never 100%.

If you’d like to try the software for yourself grab the trial and see what it can do for you @

For purchasing the software you can directly buy from their website or Amazon.

Here is the Direct Link on their website: