Should you stay in Crypto? Is it Over or Just Beginning?

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This video is out there for anyone thinking about staying in crypto or getting into it. I give my introduction to cryptocurrency and a background about me and my experiences.

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About me 0:00

-15+ years in the IT Field

-3 years of Computer Science

-Researched many crypto projects

-Early Bitcoin miner when you could mine on GPU

-Early Ethereum miner and entered @ $17

Common Mistakes 5:31

-Holding and Not making entry/exit points

-Relying on crypto for retirement

-Investing in something you don’t understand

Keys to success 8:27

-Invest Time before money

-Research, Research, and Research

-Be willing to admit you are wrong in crypto



Cryptocurrency will be around for a long time, but if you are looking for a quick get rich quick scheme this is not for you. The time to make a quick buck is pretty much gone and you’d be better served with more traditional investments that are as risky. Always invest responsibly and use a traditional 401k to store the vast amount of your wealth. Its a gambler’s fallacy to directly put a sizable amount of money in crypto, because when crypto does become mainstream for all the masses it will be in index funds and readily available for all. The one thing I want to re-iterate and if you take nothing from this video it is the following, Invest your time and not your money!

For your consumption, forget FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) and remember this if you invested $1000 at the start of this year, you’d have about ~$340 right now. Don’t be that guy!

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