How to Stake EOS?

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This video goes over how to stake EOS for CPU, RAM, and bandwidth. It shows real-world examples of staking and unstaking EOS when utilizing the EOS dApps.

Staking Basics

You can stake and unstake from many dApps, but my preferred method is using the EOS Toolkit and finalizing my amounts in there. Personally, I recommend 8 KB for RAM, 15 EOS for CPU, and .1 EOS for Net as this will give you the ability to play and use pretty much any decentralized app out right now.

Time it takes to Un-Stake EOS

When you stake EOS make sure you understand that it will take 72 hours to un-stake EOS. This means you will be waiting for 3 days before you will be able to use that EOS again. It is important to note, that once you unstake you can not touch or even stake EOS with those coins. It is locked for the entire duration until it shows in your balance again.

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