ShareScan for Canon (MEAP) Scanner will not load connectors

Fixing communication problems with Canon Imagerunner Copier connectors.

-Verify you have all the proper firewall ports open (9030 and 9100 are a MUST!)
-Verify you have connectivity to the copiers
-Unload and Reload the Copiers in ShareScan
-Start and Stop eCopy ShareScan Agent / Manager Service in Windows
-Power Cycle Copiers

If the Copiers are displaying “unable to connect to 192.168.x.x” and pressing the connect button only freezes the copier momentarily and then brings you back to this screen. The Copier’s Internal Service will need to be start and stopped. Here is how you do this:

-Login to the copier via internet browser (i.e. http://192.168.x.x:8000/sms/)
-Enter “MeapSmsLogin” as the password
-Start and Stop the Service
-Exit and you should see your connectors

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