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Moving Unifi Access Point to another Unifi Controller

This walkthrough shows you how to move Unifi access points to another Unifi controller. To remove APs from a Unifi Controller you need to reset the APs and then either discover them or manually SSH set-inform the devices.

First Reset the AP

-Use Terminal or SSH (Either in existing Controller -> Manage Device -> Open Terminal or Putty)
-Type: restore-default


Reset the Unifi AP by the old paperclip method if you can’t putty or use existing controller


Second discover device or manually set-inform

On the new controller try to discover the now factory reset APs and with any luck they will show up. However in big environments I typically can never get them to be discovered so I will show you the manual method.

-Find the IP of the AP (You can easily grab this by looking at old controller OR using advanced IP Scanner. Note: match MAC address if scanning)
-Putty into the AP (Launch Putty type IP, and Username/Password is factory ubnt/ubnt)
-Type: set-inform http://ip-of-controller:8080/inform
-Adopt AP in new controller webpage
-Type AGAIN: set-inform http://ip-of-controller:8080/inform


You should now be done and APs will be adopted.

How to choose DNS Server by benchmarking them

This shows you how to choose the fastest DNS Server, but it really depends on which internet provider you are using. Running this benchmark will tell you which ones are the best to use. Spoiler: NEVER USE YOUR ISPs DNS!

Finding the Fastest

Go to and download the benchmark tool. From the list make sure you put in all your DNS Servers you want to test. Level3, Google, OpenDNS, and the usual suspects are already in there. I also recommend right-clicking and removing the dead or stale DNS Servers. I tossed in free DNS Filtering servers like Norton ConnectSafe and Comodo Secure DNS as well. These performed the worst in speed tests and I recommend not using them in a business environment. If you need DNS filtering and have the budget using OpenDNS (Cisco Umbrella) is going to be your best bet.

Here are my results, Enjoy!

  • Red = Cached Time, Green = Uncached Time, and Blue = dotcom Time
  • Grey Dots = Filters bad domain names by default, Green Dots = No filtering

Encore’s Bandit II/III Connection Instructions

These steps will show you how to connect to the bandit devices. I recently configured both a bandit II and a bandit III device for using a VPN over satellite. The devices are configured through a 9-pin serial port they call the “Supervisory Port”. I use a basic serial to USB adapter and putty to connect. All the white papers for this device are good, but the setup and login is not as clear as you would think, so below is the following steps I used to connect. Here is all of encore’s documentation for their devices:

Steps for connection

  • Hook Serial Adapter to your PC Please Note the COM port
  • Run Putty and select Serial for Connection
  • Type default username and password (encore!1) for both
  • Configure Device according to Quick Setup