Introduction to Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform

This is an Introduction to Google Cloud Platform and goes over creating your first project and virtual machine. This walkthrough is for beginners that are just getting started with Google Cloud.

Download GCloud SDK

Allows gcloud commands from command prompt

Next Steps

Now that we know how to use Google Cloud Platform, go out and build up your first system. I highly recommend starting with an Ubuntu server, since they have the best community support for starters, and install a web server to host a website. I found this incredibly easy, especially compared to AWS or Azure. If you want to see any follow-up topics on Google Cloud Platform, let me know below, and I will work on creating more content explaining it. If you are in business, I highly recommend you look at Google Cloud Platform for a backup server and use a VPN to connect your on-site servers. This works seamlessly and is very affordable for a cloud solution.

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  1. Raymond Day

    Wow this was good. I seen this video late and stayed up though the night till it got light again but got this working and with WordPress too. I have WordPress on a Ubuntu server at home here and post photos and videos on it so it’s like 175 GB in size. Wanted to copy it to the Google cloud and put 200 not 20 for size like you said in this video.

    I think I have to restart the cloud server because I change that 20 to 200 as I am uploading the WordPress data. So not sure it will run out of room or not a df -h still shows the size of 20.

    Thank you.

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