Force Network Connection Priority

This describes how to have an adapter take priority of all internet traffic over another. For instance, you have 2 different networks on a single computer, and the wired connection does all your internal communications, but you want the wireless adapter to do all outgoing internet applications (iexplore, firefox, etc…).

Set the Interface Metric

-Open Network Connections (ncpa.cpl)
-Open the Network Connection to take priority (Right click desired connection -> Properties)
-Select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) (v4 if on Vista or 7) -> Properties
-Click Advanced button on General Tab
-Un-check Automatic Metric
-Enter in “1” for new metric
(optional) enter in a higher metric for the other adapter. I recommend 10 as a baseline, but you can go higher.

Verify new settings on InterfaceMetric using Command Line

-Type: netsh interface ip show address

Make sure your Metrics reflect the changes made and you are finished. If they haven’t changed release/renew to see changes.

The following table lists the link speeds and metrics for computers that run Windows XP Service Pack 2.

Link Speed


Greater than 200 Mb


Greater than 80 Mb, and less than or equal to 200 Mb


Greater than 20 Mb, and less than or equal to 80 Mb


Greater than 4 Mb, and less than or equal to 20 Mb


Greater than 500 Kb, and less than or equal to 4 Mb


Less than or equal to 500 Kb


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