CTT Newsletter – October 2019

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This is the first newsletter that I am sending out and is meant as a quick monthly recap of all the content that is provided. I don’t want to blow up your inbox with junk, but want to provide you extra value by linking tutorial guides and video playlists that may interest you. If you like this format and are not yet signed up, you can sign up at https://community.christitus.com/

Articles for September

09/04/2019 – BDL Interview 
09/15/2019 – Update to the Latest GIMP Version 
09/18/2019 – Ultimate SSH Guide 
09/20/2019 – Create Your Own VPN Server 
09/23/2019 – Linux File System Overview 
09/28/2019 – Custom Kernel in Linux 


Tutorial Playlists

 Linux Basics – 3 Videos
 Websites – 4 Videos
 Linux Tutorial Videos – 74 Videos (6 Videos Added This Month)
 Windows Tips & Tricks – 35 Videos

During September, we have gone through a shift away from the usual talking-head YouTube content and more towards educational content. This transition has gone fantastic, and I will be adding more videos and articles about both Windows and Linux. My main regret for September is not including enough Windows content to complement the Linux educational videos. The video I am most proud of this month was the comparison between GIMP vs Photoshop and showing how each workflow operates differently in both Linux and Windows.

I look forward to this upcoming month as I know it will be the best one yet. If you’d like to support my work, you can find me on Patreon or Looking at our recommendations on ChrisTitus.com/recommendations.

Thank you,

Chris Titus