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EOS is a blockchain-based, decentralized operating system, designed to support commercial-scale decentralized applications by providing all of the necessary core functionality, enabling businesses to build blockchain applications in a way similar to web-based applications.

EOS Blockchain

The Complete Beginners Guide to Getting Started on the EOS Blockchain

EOS Blockchain Overview

This Guide shows you everything you need that will get started on the EOS blockchain. Creating Keys, wallet, account, and using dApps are all in this guide. The following videos will get you running EOS decentralized Apps.

Watch all EOS Videos from YouTube via Playlist here: Instructional EOS Videos for beginners

First Video

Install a Linux terminal in Windows 10 afterward we will be able to build EOS tools in here. This is important to do as you can’t compile EOS natively in windows. This is why we are going through and installing this terminal in Windows 10 for the EOS Blockchain toolset.

Second Video

You will be installing the EOS tools in the Linux terminal, afterward, we will create the keys and start using EOS Blockchain. This compile process will take a while so prepare yourself for about 40-60 minutes to build these tools that we will use in the next video. We will be following the official developer’s website for EOSIO.

Third Video

Creating your keys, installing them in a wallet, and creating an EOS account. When making your account make sure you pick a memorable name because it will be used everywhere on the EOS Blockchain.

Fourth Video

How to use decentralized apps (dApps) in EOS. You need to stake resources to use these apps. This can be done directly in the dApps, but I do recommend using for security and clarity.

We have now accomplished all our goals, therefore can start using dApps on EOS!

Here is a list of dApps I highly recommend and my affiliate links to help me out. If you would like to donate to me directly, you can send me some EOS to my EOS account: titusmaximus

RPG Game – EOS Knights Ingame Settings type: titusmaximus as referring account to receive 1000 magic water
Numbers Game – EOS Lottery
Dice Game – EOS Bet

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stake EOS

How to Stake EOS?

How to Stake on the EOS blockchain Overview

This video goes over how to stake EOS for CPU, RAM, and bandwidth. It shows real-world examples of staking and unstaking EOS when utilizing the EOS dApps.

Staking Basics

You can stake and unstake from many dApps, but my preferred method is using the EOS Toolkit and finalizing my amounts in there. Personally, I recommend 8 KB for RAM, 15 EOS for CPU, and .1 EOS for Net as this will give you the ability to play and use pretty much any decentralized app out right now.

Time it takes to Un-Stake EOS

When you stake EOS make sure you understand that it will take 72 hours to un-stake EOS. This means you will be waiting for 3 days before you will be able to use that EOS again. It is important to note, that once you unstake you can not touch or even stake EOS with those coins. It is locked for the entire duration until it shows in your balance again.

Links for Staking EOS

View All Videos / Content / Guides / Solutions @
Stake EOS on EOS Toolkit from Genereos Block Producer @

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EOS Account creation

EOS Account Creation and using Accounts on the blockchain

EOS Account creation

I posted an article about EOS Titled “Why EOS is destined to fail?“. Shortly after, I received a couple responses from folks that said the chain is down or not working or just simply too hard to use. It made me scratch my head and after a couple minutes searching I really didn’t find too many articles outlining how EOS works, EOS Account creation, or how an average person can use it. It also made me realize that a ton of people that invested in EOS simply aren’t using the chain. I decided to do something about this, and create a bunch of how-to videos.

I want to streamline this process as much as possible, so I created 3 videos for so anyone can do EOS Account creation.

EOS Account Creation Videos

  1. – Installing Linux Subsystem
  2. – EOS Command Line Tools Setup (September Update)
  3. – EOS Account creation and usage

TLDR; Install Linux Subsystem in Win10, use EOS CLI to create keys, create an account, and play a game!

I know I come off a lot like a doomsayer of EOS, but I am just pointing out things I see wrong with the chain because everyone else is just hyping things up. That said, EOS shouldn’t fail from a lack of public knowledge, because EOS has some great ideas that make it very unique when compared to other chains out there. This goal of this is to make EOS Account creation as easy as possible for everyone. Don’t treat EOS as an investment like a 401k, but treat it like a public computer! Use it, don’t just sit on a bunch of EOS because one day you might wake up and find all of it gone.

Donate to me via EOS Blockchain – My EOS Account Names:

  • titusmaximus
  • xxdonatetome
    • Note: this was created during the 3rd video

Also, check the video descriptions for command listing and helpful sites that I use during the creation of them.

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EOS Dallas Presentation

Here is a recent presentation I gave at EOS Dallas. This was a brief overview of EOS Blockchain and some potential pitfalls in March of 2018

September 2018 Update:


  • ERC20 Token conversion was successful
  • Brock Pierce was removed from his advisory role at Block.One (TLDR; He was accused of assaulting minors in his employment back in 2000 at Digital Entertainment Network.)
  • Slow Development is no longer an issue because they have pushed out 3.0 shortly after this and MainNet launched at the beginning of June.
  • Decentralized apps that have launched have been phenomenal and the best in the blockchain space thus far. (ex. EOS Knights, EOS Lottery, EOS Bet, etc.)


  • MainNet ran into a critical bug at launch and was brought down briefly a couple days after launch
  • Lots of bugs, but due to their bug bounty program one person claimed 120k rewards in a week.
  • Lack of wallet diversity the top 12 wallets hold more than 50% of the ecosystems wealth
  • Performance issues due to inconsistent block producers