Clean Up Windows 10

In this article, we will clean up Windows 10. This will include debloat, startup maintenance, system tweaks, and privacy settings. These 3 stages are broken down below and will help maintain a healthy Windows 10 system. I’d recommend re-running these steps every 6 months.

Step 1: Debloat Windows 10

We will be utilizing PowerShell to clean up Windows 10 and get rid of a bunch of useless bloat that is included with it.

Download PowerShell Script

Launch PowerShell as Admin

Run PowerShell Script

iex ((New-Object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadString(''))

Note: This will remove many apps in the Microsoft Store. Games, Office 365 and things that utilize the Microsoft Store. If unsure, use the customize blacklist and only tick the boxes of things you want to remove!

Step 2: Clean Up Windows 10 Startup

Launch Task Manager and then click the startup tab. You need to disable any unneeded programs from here.

Changing Startup Programs (Advanced Users)

You can change startup programs from Start – Run – shell:startup and Start – Run – shell:common startup

You can also modify startup programs using registry editor HKCU or HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrrentVersion\Run

Cleanup Task Scheduler, as it accumulates many things that cause an install to be slow and is vital when you clean up Windows 10.

Step 3: System Tweaks and Privacy

There is literally hundreds of settings in Windows 10 that are privacy concerns and why I’d recommend using a 3rd party software for this. However, you can do all the same tweaks by simply going through settings and doing all these manually. That said, I recommend using O&O Shutup10 for optimal tweaks and privacy.


I also tell everyone to use the recommended settings as the other settings can have unintended consequences.

Other Recommended Settings:

Turn off Hibernation: powercfg /hibernate off
Modify Applications Menu: explorer shell:AppsFolder
Change Windows 10 Start Menu: shell:StartMenuAllPrograms or shell:Start Menu

Video Walkthrough

Leave any Questions and Comments below and I will get back to you. I regularly publish on YouTube and so if you’d like to see more videos and articles click the subscribe button in the top right. If you need immediate assistance, check out our discord channel at Chris Titus Tech Discord.


  1. Mark Thompson

    “Cleanup Task Scheduler, as it accumulates many things that cause an install to be slow and is vital when you clean up Windows 10. ”


    1. lucknaumann

      Well, two weeks later I hope it’s still relevant to you or at least someone else.

      He went over it in the video. See link below to go to time stamp = 10:12. Open Task Scheduler (Windows Search or in the Windows Admin Tools folder) and go through it to find things that run that you don’t want running. Things can run at startup or log-in or whenever. Then disable or delete the task depending on your preference of what seems best. When in doubt, disable. Or disable first, reboot, wait a few days making sure everything’s OK, then delete if you want. Use your favorite search engine for what task you don’t know about. You will probably have many more things than Chris does in his video. Done.

      Bonus round: Expand the folder (on the left that you’re looking through) to find more folders and more stuff. Rinse, repeat, done.

      As an aside, I’m wondering why he has CCleaner installed if he never uses it….?

      1. James Esposito

        I recently came across Chris’s videos about two days ago. I’m well versed and knew most of what he shows, I did learn a few things as well. One thing I noticed in another of his videos is he uses Tweaktool 1.7 rather than MSMG Toolkit 9.5. I prefer MSMG it has more options and allows the removal of much more stuff. It’s just a more powerful tool over all really. And yes, Chris why is CCleaner installed if you don’t use it? Lol. I use it along with Bleachbit all the time. In any event I dig Chris’s videos he’s very helpful and informative. Cheers for the great vidz Chris!

  2. Elmo

    I finished running the script, then I restarted the pc, it gave me the “getting windows ready” screen for a few hours, is it normal or is windows re-bloating my pc?
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Chris Titus

      Possibly anytime it does a feature update it will bloat back up. This happens about once every six months

      1. James Esposito

        This is exactly why after I grab all available updates on a fresh install and right before I do my tweaks I just kill updates and manually grab them from This way I have control and no fear of Microsoft installing anything.

  3. Wes Wood

    I ran the initial debloat script, and it deleted a bunch of my stuff. I had to do a windows restore and spent about 2 hours undoing the damage.

    1. Chris Titus

      I’ll add a disclaimer about this as some have had games through the Microsoft store deleted

      1. Derek

        I created a restore point first, not sure if that would make a difference?? I rolled the dice and deleted all the bloatware. My laptop is an ASUS ROG 17″ 3rd Gen I7, 2012. Upon re-start it took about 10 minutes, but no problems. It easily runs 50% faster performance wise, including surfing the web. My only issue is the clarity and resolution is noticeably not as sharp. Hey – no two computers will get the same results. Obviously there is a good deal of risk…!!!!!! Thanks Chris!!

  4. Isaac Gagnon

    I have an old computer, Compaq CQ60 dual-core running 2.1Ghz on 4 megs of ram. I used the debloat option you provided and some minor improvements we’re made, for example: EDGE web browser was faster when starting up and loading pages, reboot times we’re a little faster. I’m not sure if it allows less ram to be used but I just did this yesterday so still checking things out. Nice tip so far…


    When using the ‘Customize Blacklist’ button, do you check the box if you want to keep the feature/bloatware? Or un-check the box to keep the feature/bloatware? Hope you understand my question? Some of the boxes are checked and some are not checked.

    1. Chris Titus

      Checked will remove the package unchecked leaves it.

  6. Justin Bray

    Great tips. With the debloat you can have a look at the default remove settings just in case and un tick anything that you think you might need.

    Noticed a snappier OS as a result as well as running CCleaner Reg Cleaner and then a TRIM on my SSD System Drive.

  7. James Martin

    Hi Chris I am an avid follower of you. I have been a Windows user now since the days of DOS, however I do agree with everything you say about it and I am looking to move to Linux. However, there are some things I do need that will not run in Windows. In the Linux Mint Forum I have been pointed to running a VirtualBox inside Linux, so I can use these apps without the nescessity of using Wine (security risk?). If I did install Windows 10 inside a VB could I still use this debloat script to trim out the crap? Also, is there a need to carry out Windows updates inside VB? Many thanks for all your excellent vidoes; I look forward to them.

    1. Chris Titus

      Yes, I do it all the time!

      1. James Esposito

        Correct James, You can do anything you do on a real system inside a virtualbox. Just treat you VB like you would your local system.

  8. James Martin

    Sorry I made a typo in my comment above, I should have said: “there are some things I do need that will not run in Windows” I meant Linux not Windows.

  9. Paresh

    I followed the debloat process and i lost my Microsoft Office Package (important for me), how do i get it back? HELP..

    1. Chris Titus

      This would only remove an integrated O365 Office package. You can simply reinstall it by going to and login using your credentials. Then just click Install Office 365.

  10. geezer

    I ran the iex as admin but got
    “Configuration system failed to initialize”
    Don’t know where to go from here
    Thank you

  11. Jerry Ong Swee Kwee

    Hi Chris,

    Can we do the cleanup before we perform sysprep, or is this a different topic altogether?

  12. Mark Robinson

    Hey Chris
    If I needed more proof that I’m not as bright as I thought I was I got it today. I saw your video on debloating W10 and jumped right in! However, I failed to customise the blacklist before hitting the button and consequently lost the Microsoft Solitaire and Word games I break my day up with. I’ve tried reinstalling XBox live so i could grab my data back but it wont allow me to sign in. Bit depressed about that.
    I also tried reverting the registry changes but that didnt work either.
    Do you have any suggestions?

  13. Tim Webber

    We did a debloat on a Windows 10 computer. After the debloat, the user wanted the MS Solitaire Collection added back. After installing, uninstalling are re installing multiple times, we have a problem When selecting the Solitaire Collection, the app opens for a few seconds and closes again. Any ideas on what could be causing that?

  14. Michael

    Hi Chris, I tried unselecting the boxes of the apps I wanted to keep and hit the save button however when I hit debloat it deleted them anyway. Is there a way to get back the Xbox functionality but not the other things?

  15. Cameron Wallace

    Hi Chris, I ran the script and have lost the ability to disable password/pin on wakeup. Any tips?

    1. Cameron Wallace

      Hi Chris, I ran an update, and although it may or may not have helped the option to choose ‘never’ for password request in settings has reappeard. Crisis averted!

  16. Mark Peacock

    I followed your Clean Up Windows 10 video and ran each of the steps. Seemed to work well. However, I can’t get my VPN to run. The message I get is that the process is not started. When I go to Task Manager and to processes it will not allow me to enable the process. I changed the priority to High and that did not help. Can you give me some advice? Thanks

  17. Guillermo Archila

    Hello I followed all the steps but I lost resolution on my screen. Icons and letters are bigger and programs open bigger than the atcual screen

  18. Rich Ritter

    Ok, I gambled and tried this. My computer now boots up in like 25 seconds, and as soon as I click on anything, Boom! It’s up and running before I even get my finger off the left mouse button…(of course, that might have something to do with the 32 Gig memory, but still) Seems like all the crap running in the background went into a deep sleep..
    I’ll post back if anything goes awry, but gotta say, this worked just fine for me!

  19. Bill

    Do you have a different fix for the edge hijack of PDF’s? The one in the tool doesn’t work.

  20. Bill Arend

    I used your debloat but did not fully understand it. Now I can not install any extensions how can I fix this?

  21. Nasro

    Hello, thank you for this content, however upinning the windows menu items didn’t work, it got stuck for hours and nothing happend, do you have a solution for this?

  22. Mal

    How did the bloat script disable tiles on the start menu? I need to re-enable them. Didn’t know the script was going to do that before running it. You mentioned it afterwards…

    1. Chris Titus

      It just unpinned them, simply go through your start menu and repin the needed applications and they will reappear.

      1. Mal

        Okay, thanks!

  23. mukkaar

    Hey, how would I go about running debloater “before user is configured”? If I do fresh install with windows ISO, doesn’t it start to automatically guide user to configure that stuff after install?

  24. Dale Nash

    Thanks Chris. My ASUS is definitely faster. You’re my hero!

  25. disappointedgrunt

    Your script just deleted all my Xbox Pass games including the save files. Good job!

    1. Elmo

      He already made a disclaimer on that. Please, be more careful, you can customise the whitelist, just have a look and change it there.

  26. Sachin B

    Thank you Chris for the video. I recently purchased Acer Helios 300 PH315-52. I just ran step 1. It was successful, However, after a reboot, I felt that the machine was slower than before. There were things missing:
    1. Nvidia Panel.
    2. PredatorSense Application
    3. I was not able to turn on the turbo mode.

    I like that the bloatware is gone. (I think) it also took some performance elements with it(I hope I am wrong).
    Is there any way to roll all back?
    I tried clean factory reset, strangely, none of the above worked. Please let me know if there is a rollback.

    Thank you

  27. Jeff

    I have done a search and cannot find anyone else that is experiencing the problem I ran into running the DeBloat PS scripts. I am a experienced script programmer, so I can definitely make the mods necessary to resolve the issue. PowerShell does not like ampersands in the scripts, and some other special characters will cause it to throw errors. They are used within the scripting language so that is understandable. I’m not terribly upset over it, but it is kind
    of interesting that no one else has had the same issue. It more than likely that it has occurred because I have Perl, VB, Python and some other workbenches on my PC, including SQL.

    So, FYI, if you run into this. I may have the solution you need.

    Chris, Hope you don’t mind me modding your script(s)… ;.)


  28. Nathan

    Ran the script. Great stuff. I had no idea how much crap slipped under the radar. But I would like to use the Windows store just to browse it and download a few apps I actually like. Can someone tell me how to restore access to the Store? Is it disabled at the registry level? Can’t find anything in the features on/off menu or other control panel noob stomping grounds.. thx.

  29. Carlos Mossin

    Im in a bit of a bind. After having watched your video and de-bloating my own Hp laptop without issues, I told my pastor that I would clean his HP laptop. He has been getting 100% disk usage for some reason.
    But I went ahead and ran the script, of course WITHOUT making a back-up and without creating a restore point!

    I ran it twice because the first time I forgot to check-off some items. What resulted was the deletion of all his DESKTOP files and ICONS, just two Icons remained.
    I told him that I would need to take his machine home, where I immediately made a clone of his Hard Drive.

    So the question is, has this issue appeared in the past? The recovery software I am using has given me RAW files and other system files that seem worthless. All his travel pictures are gone and what is left are thumbnails.

    Carlos the lost soul.

  30. joseph g sisto

    Can you tell me if the debloat tool will work in windows 8.1?

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