Essential Business Server 2008

Framework 3.5 Update Fail

If you are having dot Net Framework 3.5 Update installation issues, then run the following commands to clear up the issue with the updates. Event log showed **Error 1325.’Microsoft.NET’ is not a valid short file name. ** Create PowerShell Script file .ps1 Note: PowerShell must be installed check windows installed updates from appwiz.cpl `# determine the framework and ebs guids. these will be unique for each install$productskey = “HKLM:SOFTWAREClassesInstallerProducts"$installedproducts = get-childitem $productskey$guidstofix = 1.

Assigning Client Access Licenses without EBS Administration Console

This is a workaround for EBS Administration Console that can no longer launch or has errors on launch. Consequently, Microsoft put the Licensing in this Console only, and no other GUI exists for it. However, that is why Powershell exists, and here are the commands to manage all your CALs in your network. Step-by-Step Guide Open Powershell on Management Server. (Start ->All Programs -> Windows Powershell 1.0) Type this at command prompt: Add-PsSnapin Microsoft.