Article 13 – European Union and YouTube

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This is about Article 13 and Why it is actually great for YouTube as a company but will cause more censorship across the European Union.

The main debate is holding the sharing platform liable for any damages sustained. YouTube is angling to say they are protecting copyright holders due to their Content ID system and might be able to corner the marketplace.

There is a specific provision in Article 13 that I think Google will leverage and completely annihilate the competition. Check this out:

article 13

What does it mean for creators?

Those with original content, not much, those that use other content under Fair Use and other forms of such as adopting, quoting, or parodying content… have a LOT to worry about. However, the content ID system will be kicked into overdrive and more money will be siphoned off to big companies holding the rights to many works of art. So less money for the little guy and more money for the big companies.

So what actually will happen?

Upload filters for all of Europe and strict censors are placed on its citizens. Creators outside of the EU will have their videos filtered out that is deemed a liability in the EU. So most videos relying on Fair use will be filtered, parodies and adaptations will also be filtered. YouTube will offset any effect with a surge in users as Facebook and Instagram can no longer operate as they do not have a content ID system. So in short, more censorship.

Why did this happen?

Money… The big media companies want bigger profits from their content on these social media sharing services.

What is the really bad and unseen consequences of this law?

Copyright abusers and trolls will be rampant and will take these copyright filters to effectively steal the money from creators. There will be greater censorship with entire genres disappearing from the EU’s YouTube.

What won’t happen in the law?

Old people making laws about new technology always ends in some really dumb provisions. The so-called “Link Tax” is one that has no chance of surviving on the open market. Taxing Facebook, Twitter, Google News, for linking news articles is just beyond insanity. This provision in the law has no chance of survival once it goes live.

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