Setting Anti-Spam SCL in Microsoft Exchange

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This post goes over setting the Anti-Spam SCL in Microsoft Exchange. I typically recommend leaving the Delete and Reject settings alone, but change the Move Message to Junk if the user is reporting a high amount of spam making it to his inbox. This is done with the command below SCLJunkThreshold.

SCL (Spam Confidence Level) determines what to do with a message

Default Exchange Values

9 = Delete Message with no NDR<br /> 7= Reject Message with NDR<br /> 5= Move Message to Junk Mail in Mailbox

There is also a Quarantine option in Exchange that is configurable through EMC (Exchange Management Console) in Organization Configuration -> Hub Transport -> Anti-Spam Tab under the Content Filtering Module Properties

Note Junk Mail Threshold is NOT configurable in EMC and must be set via Shell. Here are the commands for EMS (Exchange Management Shell)

Set SCL Junk Mail Threshold

Set-OrganizationConfig -SCLJunkThreshold 5

Check SCL Junk Mail Threshold

Get-OrganizationConfig | Format-List SCLJunkThreshold

In conclusion, you will now have good control over what is getting filtered and where it is going. Also remember, You can always check a message SCL rating in Outlook by looking at the email’s header.

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