CT Summation Grayed out Case Explorer

Recently I was using CT Summation iBlaze v3 and I went to run it on a Windows 7 machine and all my cases were grayed out in Open Case with all the icons also grayed out in Case Explorer. After some tinkering, I found out that it is a compatibility issue with CT Summation iBlaze v3 in Windows 7.

Simple Run in Windows XP SP2/3 mode and it will fix the issue. If you are unable to select this option via the shortcut, simply run the troubleshoot compatibility link from right clicking. This should fix the issue.

2 thoughts on “CT Summation Grayed out Case Explorer

  1. I was getting the error : “compatibility modes cannot be set permanently on this program because it is on a network drive”

    I created a .bat file with the following which fixed it

    set __COMPAT_LAYER=WinXP

  2. This solved my problem trying to run Summation on a Server 2012 R2 server. I set the compatability to Windows 7 and it worked as needed.


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